Falafel is back!

You asked for it, we listened! Our famous falafel is back at on the menu at Le Pichet and Café Presse for summer.

At Cafe Presse, crispy chickpea falafels are available as a appetizer or a main course, served with grilled eggplant purée, heirloom tomatoes and spicy yogurt (see photo above)

At Le Pichet, falafels are served with sauce blanche and a salad of local tomato, cucumber, melon, mint and parsley tossed with lemon juice and olive oil.

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Breakfast starting at 9am

Café Presse is up and serving breakfast Wednesday through Sunday starting at 9am. Omelettes, baked eggs, house-made pastries and Caffe Vita coffee. And coming soon, we will once again be serving our house-made whole milk yogurt with toasted walnuts and local organic honey.

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A really good looking Roquefort

Currently on the cheese board at Café Presse. Perfectly ripe and ready to eat.

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Endive salade

From the menu at Café Presse: Salade of curly endive, green beans, garlic croutons, bacon lardons and creamy Bleu d’Auvergne dressing. Miam Miam!

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Assiette de fromage

Good looking cheese plate at Café Presse…featuring Bleu d’Auvergne, Pont l’Évêque, Bûche de chèvre, Port Salut and Mimolette, served with sourdough country bread.

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Did you miss this special at Café Presse?

In case you missed this daily special last week, here is a reminder:

A beautiful hunk of Ste-Maure, aged goat’s milk cheese from the Loire Valley, served with grilled bread and and preserved apricots. Miam Miam!

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Menu update for our Summer pique-nique

Why cook when you can pique-nique instead?

The forecast is for hot weather ahead. Let us prepare a pique-nique for you! Moving into summer, we have updated our pique-nique menu to use the best of seasonal produce.

Pique-nique for two: $50

Poulet rôti à votre commande  
Washington State free-range natural chicken roasted to order with butter, sea salt and pepper, served with mayonnaise. Add pommes frites for two: $9

Demi baguette de Grand Central Bakery
Grand Central Bakery half-baguette, with butter

Gâteau aux foies de volailles
Smooth chicken liver terrine, dried cherry compote, grain mustard, cornichons

Salade au bleu d’Auvergne
Curly endive, green beans, garlic croutons and bacon lardons tossed with creamy bleu cheese dressing

Pain au chocolat « à l’ancienne »
Bittersweet chocolate melted on baguette

Add a bottle of rosé   $15.75
Domaine Montrose Pay’s d’Oc rosé from the Languedoc.. This wine has a screw top, so no corkscrew needed!

Pack your pique-nique in our custom tote bag  $16.50
2 sided Le Pichet/Café Presse, 100% heavy duty cotton, made in America

For this special menu, NO SUBSTITUTIONS PLEASE.
PLEASE ALLOW 1 hour 15 minutes preparation time

To order your Pique-nique, call Cafe Presse during regular business hours or use the
online link below.

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Dessert du jour at Café Presse

Dessert du jour today at Cafe Presse: Blueberry clafouti!
Blueberries baked in a rich custard cake scented with vanilla, served warm with fresh whipped cream.

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Organic Cherry Tomatoes

Fresh organic cherry tomatoes, to be featured in the new preparation with our famous steak-frites. Starts today!

100% grass fed petit top sirloin steak, cherry tomato confit with shallot, garlic, zucchini and summer savory, with pommes frites.

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Special today at Cafe Presse

Special today at Cafe Presse:
Rabbit and pork boudin blanc sausage, grilled and served with creamy polenta, Washington asparagus, rich poultry jus and chives.

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