Fête de Beaujolais Nouveau 2015 at Le Pichet

Beaujolais Nouveau 2015 Yellow Small



Beaujolais Nouveau 2015 Green Small

Join us for Le Pichet’s annual Fête de Beaujolais Nouveau

Thursday November 19, 2015 from 6pm till late

Beaujolais Nouveau by the glass, pichet or bottle

Menu of traditional street food

Live music with:

La Foule 7pm    The Djangomatics 10pm

No Reservations, No Cover Charge, Everyone welcome!

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Food and Water Watch working for clean food

If you’re like us you care about what’s in your food.  That’s why we always have an ear open for people who are doing work in that direction.

Currently in Washington State, Food and Water Watch are gathering support to get the widespread use of antibiotics out of farming.  Their goal is to  get Senator Patty Murray to support a bill that would do just that.  It is currently stuck in a committee on which the Senator sits.    The bill is known as PARA or Preventing Antibiotic Resistance Act.  If you’d like to help, join us in signing the on-line petition!

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Delice du Jura

Delice de jura Oct 2015 From: The region of the Jura in the French Alps
Made By:  Fromagerie Badoz
Milk: Pasteurized cow’s milk
Curdling type: rennet
Size/ weigh: Flat disc about 9″ in diameter and 1″ tall.  It weighs in at about 16 oz
Rind: Washed with brine every 2 days during first weeks of aging, giving a pungent, orange colored rind
Interior: semi firm to very soft paste, depending on ripeness
Aged: 6 to 8 weeks

Historical notes: Delice de Jura is another  pasteurized milk cheese modeled on a traditional raw milk cheese that’s been banned from importation to the United States for containing raw milk.  In this case, the model is Reblochon, one of the wonders of alpine cheese making.  Reblochon was available in the US until 2004, when the USDA began enforcing a ban on raw milk cheeses aged less than 90 days. Delice du Jura was developed in 2005 by the Fromagerie Badoz, who also make AOP reblochon.

Badoz is a family run fromagerie founded in 1960, although members of the family have made cheese since the 1830’s.  As a fromagerie, Badoz uses the milk from a number of fruitières or small, independent dairy farmers in the region, as well as milk from their own farm.   The majority of their cheeses are AOP raw milk alpine cheeses;  most are not available in the U.S. One of the unique features of this fromagerie is their cheese aging facility, which was constructed in the ’70s in an abandoned railroad tunnel.

There are many legends regarding the  origins of reblochon-style cheeses;  I will leave you to explore Wikipedia if you are curious.  But what is clear is that it was developed  predominantly as a cheese for home consumption by farmers who produced larger, more easily marketed and transported cheeses as their livelihood.  They sold the comte and morbier and ate the reblochon themselves.

Tasting Notes:  From a personal perspectivee, reblochon was one of my first cheese loves.  Creamy, mild and easy to enjoy, but with a washed rind that give enough funk to seem like a challenge (albiet an easily mastered one!), it is a great cheese for beginners striking out for more adventurous territory. 

Wine to go with:  I always find that the best match with any cheese is the wine from the same region where it is produced.  In this case, a crisp white Aprement from the Jura would be a great match. A peppery, lighter bodied Arbois red from the same region would also be a complimentary match.  Traditional guides list pinot noir from Burgundy as an appropriate pairing, which I would be very happy to try.

Where to find it now:  Is featured fairly often throughout the year at both Le Pichet and Café Presse, especially in the fall when it is made from very rich summer milk.  Currently at Cafe Presse

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Le Pichet and Café Presse doing our own Restaurant Week

What:      Fixed price menus that beats Seattle Restaurant Week prices
When:     October 18 to 29, Sunday through Thursday
Where:    At Café Presse and Le Pichet, of course!

Café Presse and Le Pichet are not part of Seattle Restaurant Week, but we’re beating their prices! During Seattle Restaurant Week, we will be offering specially priced Prix Fixe Menus that do Restaurant Week one better!


Sunday through Thursday 11am to 10pm:    Make your choice from a special Mardi Prix Fixe menu of starters, main courses and desserts.

Entrée + Plat -or- Plat + Dessert                                   $19

Entree + Plat + Dessert                                                     $23

For reservations call Café Presse 206.709.7674


Sunday through Thursday, dinner only from 5:30pm to 10pm:
Select from our special 3-course Prixe Fixe Menu.

Entree + Plat + Dessert                                                     $28

For reservations call Café Presse 206.256.1499

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Le Pichet October prix fixe menu

“Better than Restaurant Week” Prix Fixe Menu

October 18 to 29, 2015 Sunday to Thursday, Dinner only 5:30pm to 10pm

3 courses for $28.00

Choice of:

Gâteau au foie de volaille
Smooth chicken liver terrine served with cornichons and two mustards
Salade verte
Bibb lettuce with mustard and hazelnut vinaigrette

Choice of:

Œuf de canard poché à l’huile d’olive, sa ratatouille et sa socca
Olive oil poached duck egg, on Provençal vegetable-tomato stew and a Nicoise chickpea flour crepe
Saucisse de Toulouse et son ragout aux lentilles
Toulouse-style pork-garlic sausage served on Puy lentils simmered with red wine, thyme, black currents and green chard

Choice of:

Glace ou sorbet du jour
Daily ice cream or sorbet; ask your server for today’s choices
Your choice of one ounce from today’s cheese board

For this special menu, no substitutions please.

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Café Presse Mardi Prix Fixe menu – Fall 2015

Mardi Prix Fixe menu:  Fall 2015

Fixed priced menu available every Tuesday from 11am to 10pm.

   Entrée + Plat -or- Plat + Dessert   $19                     Entrée + Plat + Dessert     $23

les Entrées

Salade verte
Bibb lettuce with hazelnut vinaigrette
Gâteau aux foies de volailles
Smooth chicken liver terrine, dried cherry compote

les Plats

Soupe à l’oignon gratinée
Caramelized onion soup made with chicken stock, thyme, sherry, crouton and melted Comté cheese
Filet de saumon rosé fumé, salade aux pommes de terre et à l’aneth
Lummi Island pink salmon, smoked and grilled, red potatoes with Walla Walla onions, dill, chopped egg, capers and grain mustard

les Desserts

Glace ou sorbet du jour
Two scoops of ice cream or sorbet of the day served with a cookie; ask your server for today’s flavors
Your choice from our daily board of house aged cheeses, 1 ounce served with country bread

No substitutions for this special menu…thanks for your understanding!

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Fall menu starts at Café Presse

Crispy duck confit leg served on a warm salad of root vegetables, brussel sprouts, duck gizzards and parsley, with a sherry-duck jus.

Crispy duck confit leg served on a warm salad of root vegetables, brussel sprouts, duck gizzards and parsley, with a sherry-duck jus.

The new Fall menu started last Thursday at Café Presse with the traditional menu tasting for our staff.  We were all excited for the flavors of Fall after such a long hot summer and to see again some of our old favorites return to the menu (like oysters on the half shell and Soupe a l’oignon gratinee).

Now you can enjoy all the new dishes and old favorites yourself.  Here are some photos to whet your appetite.

Salade of red, Belgian and curly endives  and pears with creamy Bleu d'Auvergne dressing and garlic croutons.

Salade of red, Belgian and curly endives and pears with creamy Bleu d’Auvergne dressing and garlic croutons.

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Le Ramier Roux

Ramier Roux Oct 2015

From: The region of Tarn et Garonne, north of of Toulouse in southwest France.
Made By:  Le Ferme du Ramier.
Milk: Raw cow’s milk
Curdling type: rennet
Size/ weigh: Flat disc about 18″ in diameter and 3″ tall.  It weighs in at about 12#
Rind: Washed rind.
Interior: semi-firm pate, gently ivory in color and tender.
Aged: 60 to 90 day

Historical notes: Le Ferme du Ramier is a run by several generations of the family family Maravel in the town of Montauban in the southwest of France.  This is a regions that encompasses the gentle plains of the Languedoc and the rugged valleys that join it to the Massif Central, France’s high central plateau.  Accordingly it is a region where cheese is made from the milk of cows, who favor that flatter lands and goats and sheep, who thrive in harsher, steeply sloped terrain.

The master cheese maker is Helene Depierre, daughter of the current owners.  Le Ferme du Ramier produces only “fermier” cheeses, meaning that the cheeses are all made on the farm exclusively from the milk of the farm’s own herd.  Interesting side note, their website states that the cows are raised in toute liberté:  unlike most farms who milk their animals twice a day, Le Ferme du Ramier keeps its milking room open 24 hours a day…the cows decide themselves when they want to be milked!

The cheeses are aged about 60 days at the farm, so arrive on our tables here between 70 and 90 days old.  During aging on the farm, the cheeses are washed with a mixture of saltwater brine and cheese residues from previous batches, which is referred to as a morge.  This mixture gives the aged cheese its reddish brown appearance – the name roux refers to this color –  resulting a what is called a croute morgée.

Tasting Notes:  The rind of the Ramier roux, although moist when young, is dry and pungent at 4 months of age.  Probably to strong and tough for any but the hardiest rind eaters.  by contrast, the paste is mild and milky with flavors of the herbs of the Tarn gorges, of licorice and of fennel.   Maybe an aftertaste of hazelnuts and caramel.  The stronger exterior adds an earthy note that it still mild and balanced.

Wine to go with:  A well structured but not overly forward red wine would be a perfect match.  I recommend the Domaine Jean-Louis Denois “Les Garrigues” Vin de France Rouge.  This wine harks from the Languedoc near the town of Roquetaillade, only an hour or so by car from le Ferme du Ramier.  A blend of syrah, grenache, merlot, cabernet franc and cabernet sauvignon, this wine comes across more as a small chateau Bordeaux than a big Languedoc, meaning more finesse and structure, less power.  It was while drinking this wine that the herb and anise flavors of the cheese were most notable. On the wine list at Café Presse now.

Where to find it now:  Café Presse

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Rooster stock Feb 2012

Chicken stock

You choose: Le Pichet or Café Presse?

Both Le Pichet and Café Presse have, once again, been nominated for Best French Restaurant in the King 5 “Best of Western Washington” 2015 poll.

If you agree, be sure to visit the King 5 site and make your opinion known by voting for one or the other.  Or both…is that possible?

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