Summer Soccer Events

Look for lots of summer soccer in 2015 on the big screen at Cafe Presse.

Two big tournaments will be taking center stage:

The FIFA Womens World Cup 2015 takes place in Canada from June 6 to July 5.

The Copa America 2015, the most important soccer tournament in the Western Hemisphere, runs from June 11 to July 4 in Chile.

And of course, our Seattle Sounders have a full schedule all summer and into the Fall.

Café Presse will feature all the matches of Team USA and every Sounders MLS match, as well as as many of the other tournament matches as possible.  And if there is a match that you particularly want to see, let us know at  We will do our best to get it on the calendar.


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Stop by on Memorial Day

Café Presse and Le Pichet will both be open regular hours throughout the Memorial Day Weekend, including on Monday May 25.  Stop by and see us!

Café Presse open from 7am to 2am everyday

Le Pichet open from 8am to 12midnight everyday

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Pâté de campagne

Finished pâté ready to serve with a nice glass of Jurancon.

Finished pâté ready to serve with a nice glass of Jurancon.

In anticipation of a number or social engagements at our place in Orthez, I though I would make a little pâté.  A fat terrine full of county-style pâté is the perfect thing to have on hand to go with aperitifs.  Continue reading

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Poule au pot

May 2015 poule au pot

Here is a photo of a very simple dinner we recently enjoyed:  poule au pot.  Not only is this one of the archetypical dishes of the southwest (remember the story of King Henry who promised “a chicken in every pot”?  This dish is often called poule au pot Henri IV in honor of that famous pledge.  Before he was Henri IV of France , he was Henri king of the then independent realms of Navarre and Béarn).

In its simplest incarnation, poule au pot is a chicken poached with seasonal vegetables and served moistened with its cooking broth, sometimes enriches with a spoonful of duckfat.  Continue reading

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June 2015 Cooking Class: Le Pichet Classics

In honor of Le Pichet’s upcoming 15th Anniversary!

What:  “Le Pichet Classics” Cooking Class and Supper presented by Chef Jim Drohman.
(Each session limited to 16 students)
When:  Three class dates will be offered:
Tuesday June 16, 2015, 6pm to 9:30pm
Saturday June 20, 2015, 4pm to 7:30pm
Saturday June 27, 2015, 12noon to 3:30pm
Where:  Saturday 6/20 and 6/27 at The Kitchen at Mallet, in Seattle’s SODO neighborhood
Tuesday 6/16 at The Ruins, on lower Queen Anne
(free parking available at both locations)
Price:  $125 per student, which includes cooking demonstration, with hands-on learning for critical skills, snacks while we work, a family-style supper including the dishes we will prepare, tasting of classic French bistro wines, and a recipe packet (does not include sales tax)

This summer, Le Pichet will fête the 15th anniversary of its opening on August 3,
 2000.  As part of the celebration, this Chef Drohman has designed a cooking class that will reveal the secrets of the all-time best loved dishes from Le Pichet’s menu.
Continue reading

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Sea bass with spring vegetables

Bar orthez may 2015 4

It’s a cliché that chefs find their inspiration in the market.  Fortunately, it’s a clichés that also happens to be true, as often as schedules and demands of the kitchen allow (wish it was everyday!).  If a kitchen is available, the leisure of travel is the prefect time to indulge.

Here is evidence for the theory: a basket full of fresh seasonal stuff found in the Saturday market in Orthez.  The season being a little advanced in comparison to Seattle, I found fava beans, small violet artichokes, young garlic and a beautiful bar de ligne (line-caught sea bass from St.-Jean-de-Luz).  Continue reading

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Escargot a little too local

Bearnaise escargot in action.

Bearnaise escargot in action.

In Orthez, I took this photo of a local snail making his way across a rain-soaked bench.  If I was a more industrious sort, I would have captured this specimen, fed him on organic veggies, and kept him in captivity for a week to allow any toxins to flush out of his system, then simmered him in broth before broiling with garlic butter.  I went to lunch instead.

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Tête de Porc at Café Presse

Dre's tête de porc served with a watercress and pickled shallot salad.

Dre’s tête de porc served with a watercress and pickled shallot salad.

Cafe Presse chef de cuisine Dre Neely is once again doing one of his favorite projects:  making tête de porc.  Thats pigs head to you and me.  Tête de porc, however, is not the same as other, more well known uses of head, like terrine de tête or  fromage de tête. 

Both of these two latter involve slowly cooking a pigs head (generally a split head with the brain removed, as brain is too fragile and perishable for use in charcuterie) until tender, then removing the bones, dicing the rest, including the tongue and skin, and molding it in a terrine with aspic made from the rich poaching liquid (usually a calves food is simmered with the head to give extra gelatine to the broth).

Tete de porc is different in that the bones are removed from the raw head before cooking and that the boneless head is never chopped up but rolled whole.  Dre rubs the boneless head, including the ears and tongue, with salt, spices and rosemary, then lets it marinate overnight.  Next day, he rolls it and ties it up neatly.  The rolled head is then simmered until  in a rich broth with carrots, onions, garlic, bay leaf and spices.  When it is tener, it is chilled completely, usually overnight.

The result is less like a terrine and more like a cross between very flavorful ham and pancetta.  Sliced thin, it is perfect as part of a platter of cured meats.  Or you can enjoy it as we are currently serving for a special du jour at Cafe Presse, while it lasts:  sliced, sprinkled with sel gris and served with a salad of watercress, pickled shallots and a red wine vinaigrette.

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New dessert menu at Cafe Presse


CP Dessert April 2015 Profiteroles

Profiteroles filled with vanilla bean ice cream or the ice cream du jour, with warm chocolate sauce.

Last Thursday at Cafe Presse, Pastry Chef Allyson Lanter rolled out new spring desserts to match our spring dinner menu.  Spring is an in-between time for desserts, when winter apples, and pears are gone, citrus and tropical fruits are waning but summer berries are not yet here.  We have decided to take advantage of this “awkward” time to feature a some classic French desserts that have stood the test of time to become favorites.

Here are a few photos that we hope you will enjoy! Or check out all our menus here.

CP Dessert April 2015 Cake

Lemon-corn meal cake served with rhubarb-creme fraiche ice cream.

Orange-bay leaf creme caramel with "langues de chat" cookies

Orange-bay leaf creme caramel with “langues de chat” cookies

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Le Pichet de Paris

Deanne Pichet de Paris April 2015

Another Le Pichet, this one in Paris’s 8th Arrondissement.

Here is a nice photo sent to us from Paris by a good friend mine.  Located in Paris’s 8th arrondissement, this Le Pichet (de Paris) obviously has no relation to our own Seattle Le Pichet, except for the shared name.

It is a true that, when traveling in France, restaurants named Le Pichet seem to pop up pretty often.    I personally know of Le Pichets in Paris (two different places!), Avignon, Grenoble, Strasbourg and Besacon, and I am guessing that there are many more.

The popularity of the name is testimony to a  corresponding popularity of wine served  in pichets and carafes., which is nearly universal in traditional, working class restaurants.

Although not in the same league of commonness as names like  Bistro de Centre, Le Zinc or Restaurant de la Gare, for example, restaurants, bars and bistrots named Le Pichet are common enough that they have been noticed by many of our friends and guests during their travels  in France.  In this way, over the years, Le Pichet has accumulated a small trove of photos and postcards featuring restaurants bearing our name.  Check them out on the walls when you next visit us.  And there is still room for more, so if you see another Le Pichet, drop us a postcard!



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