New dessert menu at Cafe Presse


CP Dessert April 2015 Profiteroles

Profiteroles filled with vanilla bean ice cream or the ice cream du jour, with warm chocolate sauce.

Last Thursday at Cafe Presse, Pastry Chef Allyson Lanter rolled out new spring desserts to match our spring dinner menu.  Spring is an in-between time for desserts, when winter apples, and pears are gone, citrus and tropical fruits are waning but summer berries are not yet here.  We have decided to take advantage of this “awkward” time to feature a some classic French desserts that have stood the test of time to become favorites.

Here are a few photos that we hope you will enjoy! Or check out all our menus here.

CP Dessert April 2015 Cake

Lemon-corn meal cake served with rhubarb-creme fraiche ice cream.

Orange-bay leaf creme caramel with "langues de chat" cookies

Orange-bay leaf creme caramel with “langues de chat” cookies

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Le Pichet de Paris

Deanne Pichet de Paris April 2015

Another Le Pichet, this one in Paris’s 8th Arrondissement.

Here is a nice photo sent to us from Paris by a good friend mine.  Located in Paris’s 8th arrondissement, this Le Pichet (de Paris) obviously has no relation to our own Seattle Le Pichet, except for the shared name.

It is a true that, when traveling in France, restaurants named Le Pichet seem to pop up pretty often.    I personally know of Le Pichets in Paris (two different places!), Avignon, Grenoble, Strasbourg and Besacon, and I am guessing that there are many more.

The popularity of the name is testimony to a  corresponding popularity of wine served  in pichets and carafes., which is nearly universal in traditional, working class restaurants.

Although not in the same league of commonness as names like  Bistro de Centre, Le Zinc or Restaurant de la Gare, for example, restaurants, bars and bistrots named Le Pichet are common enough that they have been noticed by many of our friends and guests during their travels  in France.  In this way, over the years, Le Pichet has accumulated a small trove of photos and postcards featuring restaurants bearing our name.  Check them out on the walls when you next visit us.  And there is still room for more, so if you see another Le Pichet, drop us a postcard!



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New dishes for Café Presse Spring menu

CP New Menu tuna
Local asparagus, oil-poached albacore tuna, fingerling potatoes and creamy garlic-caper vinaigrette.

This week, Cafe Presse chef de cuisine Dre Neeley rolled out the new menu for Spring 2015.  As always, the first day of the new menu included two menu tastings that allowed the entire staff to sample the new dishes.

Here are photos of the new dished to whet your appetite…come by and give them a try yourself:

CP New Menu Rillons

Salad of green beans, Napa cabbage, walnuts, tarragon, with walnut-tarragon vinaigrette and crispy pork belly confit.

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CP New Menu Tomato Chutney

Tomato Chutney

Café Presse Tops Seattle Restaurant Week for Value



What:  A fixed price menu with your choice of 2 or 3 courses at a great price
When: Normally, only on Tuesday, but between April 12 -23, 2015, available Sunday to Thursday  from 11am to 10pm
Where:  Café Presse of course!

Mardi Prix Fixe is Café Presse’s fixed price menu that lets YOU pick the number of courses you would like.  YOU make your choices from a special selection of seasonal dishes, then let US do the rest, all at a great price.

Normally only offered on Tuesdays from 11am to 10pm, during Seattle Restaurant Week, October 19 to 30, 2014, Mardi Prix Fixe will be available from Sunday to Thursday.

2 courses (starter + main course  or  main course + dessert)   $18
3 courses (starter + main course + dessert)                                    $23

PLUS:  Come in between 4pm and 6pm and also take advantage of Vin Expresse, when all bottles of wine are available in-house at our low take-out prices:  $9 to $15

For further information and reservations, call Café Presse at 206.709.7674

Corner Table Winter 2012 E-mail Promotion

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Café Presse Spring menu starts April 9th

Thought you might like to know:  Café Presse chef de cuisine Dre Neeley will roll out his new Spring 2015 menu on Thursday, April 9.

Asparagus, watercress, spring onions and garlic, escarole, leeks and morels are just some of the spring produce ready to make their appearance.  On the meatier side, look for quail, spicy pork-beef sausages, clams and trout.   And there will even be a new vegetarian entree inspired by the city of Nice.

And, oh yes,  Steak Tartare is coming back on the menu.

In the meantime, stop by to enjoy your winter favorites for the last time until next year:  Oysters, Onion soup and Raclette will all disappear until next year on April 9.

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Save the date for Dining Out for Life 2015

Mark your calendar:    Dining Out for Life 2015 is on Thursday April 30.  That’s when you can help support the Lifelong Aids Alliance and the great work they do, simply by dining out at one simply by of the many participating restaurants. As always, both Le Pichet and Café Presse will be donating 30% of our sales for the entire day, so come by for breakfast, lunch or dinner and support a great cause.

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Axoa d’Espelette

Cafe Presse Does Private Events

Looking for a place to host a wedding dinner?  Special birthday party?  Family reunion? A brunch with co-workers?  A private party? 
The back room at Café Presse is available for  your private events throughout the day, all year long, any day of the week. 
We can seat up to 45 guests, and our Executive Chef will work with you to design the perfect menu, whether it be cocktails and hors d’œuvres, a casual buffet,  a family style supper, or a multi-course dinner.  Choose from our full selection of French country wines, beers and cocktails to accompany your  meal. 

For information or to reserve the back room, please email us  at
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Bailey Boushay House Dinner

Chefs' Dinner 2015

Le Pichet chef de cuisine Jack Spiess and Cafe Presse chef de cuisine Dre Neeley at the 2015 Bailey Boushay House Chef’s Dinner, on January 25, 2015.  The event raised over $364,000 for the great work they do at Bailey Boushay House!

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