Special tonight at Café Presse


Pureed soup of roasted butternut squash and honeycrisp apples, garnished with chèvre crème fraîche. Miam Maim!

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Bringing back the Salmis

Duck trial feb 2019 14

Salmis de canard au cremant de Loire: Pekin duck braised with sparkling rosé from the Loire valley and rich duck stock, with roasted turnips and Brussels sprout

The February Chef’s Dinner at Cafe Presse is all about sparkling wine from the French countryside. Although many people think of sparkling wine for a toast, it can often be a struggle to find a place for bubbles during the actual meal.  With that in mind, I wanted to design a menu that highlights all the different roles that sparkling wine can play by including dishes that, at first blush, don’t seem like intuitive matches….like duck for example.

With this in mind, I reached back into the classical lexicon of duck dishes for an idea that is both seasonal and I think has great potential to pair well with bubbles,  salmis de canard.

In his Le Guide Culinaire, Escoffier describes a salmis as a game dish in which the bird is first roasted at high heat until golden on the outside but still rare inside.  The legs and breasts are then removed, and the carcass, still nearly rare, is used to make a rich jus. The breasts and legs are then simmered in this jus until tender and delicious, then served on a crouton spread with a mousse made from the birds giblets.

(Note, in his recipe for Salmis de faison, Escoffier warns that “this recipe has literally been spoiled by the haphazard manner in which it has been  applied right and left to game”. That’s Escoffier for you, always a little tense. But it does point out how far this dish has fallen from fashion as compared to his epoch when he found it overly common. I remember cooking salmis when I was in culinary school and while working in Paris, but that was nearly 30 years ago).

Duck trial feb 2019 2

I have always found duck and cabernet franc to be a very good pairing (or duck and pinot noir or duck and gamay…maybe I just like duck!).  With that in mind, I decided to construct my salmis using a Cremant from the Loire valley that is a mix of tcab franc with chenin and chardonnay. To increase the impact of the wine, I decided to modify the salmis recipe slightly by marinating the duck pieces in Cremant overnight.

First step in the process was breaking down the duck into what is known as “fricasse”, which basically just means semi-boneless breasts and legs, each cut into 2 pieces.

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“Celebrate Sparkles” Dinner Menu

Tuesday February 26, 2019


Les amuse bouches
Mimolette and bacon gougères warm from the oven
Black cod tartare, pink grapefruit, chervil, shallots on house-made buckwheat baguette


Potage aux légumes d’hiver et son consommé aux crevettes
Shellfish consommé with leeks, spinach and celery root, smoked prawns and Brittany sea-salt butter


Salmis de canard au Cremant rosé de Loire
Muscovy duck simmered with rosé Cremant de Loire, roasted turnips and greens, brown bread trencher spread with duck liver mousse


Tomme de Laqueuille au bleu, biscottis salées au thym et noisettes torréfiées
Cow’s milk bleu cheese from Auvergne served with savory biscotti scented with thyme and toasted hazelnuts


Financier au citron et son sabayon au Cremant
Lemon financier cake served with Meyer lemon-Cremant sorbet and Cremant sabayon

For reservations, please call Café Presse at 206.709.7674

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February 2019 Chefs’ Dinner at Café Presse

Folie des loups cremant
Celebrate Sparkles!

It’s the middle of February, it’s Seattle grey outside and months remain before we can expect any sunshine. Time for some sparkles!  The country side of France produces the best sparkling wines in the world and they are also amazingly adaptable and complimentary with food. Please join us for a dinner highlighting the range of French sparkling wines as selected by Wine Director Joanne Herron.

What:   5-course family-style dinner
When:  Tuesday February 26, 2019, 6:30pm sharp
Where: The back room at Café Presse
Cost:   Dinner including  beverage* $80

*your choice of paired sparkling wines or non-alcoholic beverages

Visit our website at www.cafepresseseattle.com for details and menu

For this special dinner, NO SUBSTITUTIONS please
For reservations,  telephone 206.709.7674

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Lundi Vert at Le Pichet


Paris-style gnocchi sautéed with brown butter, delicata and butternut squashes, chard and sage, with grain mustard cream sauce and shaved Parmesan cheese

In case you haven’t heard yet, Le Pichet and Café Presse support the Meatless Monday movement (known  as Lundi Vert in France) by pledging to eat less and better quality meat and fish. Its better for the planet, better for our health and more humane for animals. That is why every Monday, in addition to our regular menu, we will be featuring daily specials that don’t include meat for fish.

Here are some photos of recent Lundi Verte main course specials we have featured at Le Pichet

Buckwheat crepe filled with lentils simmered with cream and white wine, topped with a sauté of leeks, escarole and butternut squash

Buckwheat crepe filled with lentils simmered with cream and white wine, topped with a sauté of leeks, escarole and butternut squash

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New on the menu at Le Pichet

Smoked wild steel head trout served on a salad of raw Brussel sprouts, red cabbage, golden beets, dill, pickled red onions and yogurt vinaigrette

Just added to the menu at Le Pichet…

Smoked wild steel head trout served on a salad of raw Brussel sprouts, red cabbage, golden beets, dill, pickled red onions and yogurt vinaigrette

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Café Presse now streaming soccer


Yes, Cafe Presse has entered the modern age of steaming TV.  Our new streaming TV set-up has greatly expanded our ability to access and present top-flight European and World Football.  Join us this winter and spring for expanded French Ligue 1, English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A, Major League Soccer, UEFA Champions League, Europa League, National and League Cups and more.

Check out our weekly event calendar for full match schedule. And if you are looking for a particular match, please let us know at info@cafepresseseattle.com…we will do our best to get it on the calendar.

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Stock up for the Super Bowl at Café Presse

Café Presse has everything you need for your Super Bowl party this Sunday!

Our famous roasted chickens, croques, frites, charcuterie plates, desserts, sweets, and more.

And our wine director can help you select the perfect wines.
10% case discount on 6 or more bottles, mix and match

To-Go orders, call us at 206.709.7674. We will have your food and wine ready in minutes. (for roasted chickens, please allow 1 hour).

No time to pick it up? Get it delivered with Caviar.

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Café Presse St-Valentine’s Day Take-Home Dinner Menu

Thinking of cuddling in at home for Valentine’s Day this year?
Don’t want to fight the crowds for a table?
Let Café Presse take care of all the details!

Menu for two – $66

Rillettes de truite saumonée et sa salade aux choux
Rillettes of poached and smoked wild caught steelhead trout, served with crispy baguette slices and a salad of Napa cabbage, escarole, tarragon, satsumas and herb-champagne vinaigrette
Poulet rôti, pommes frites et mayonnaise
Whole NW natural free-range chicken, roasted to your order, with pommes frites and mayonnaise
Tarte Bourdaloue aux poires et aux amandes
Rustic tartelett for two  filled with red wine poached pears and almond cream, served with vanilla crème anglais

       Add a bottle of sparking wine:                                                          $19.25                          Domaine d’Orfeuilles Brut Rosé Touraine NV

       Add a 10-piece bag of our salted-butter caramels:                    $7.00
       Made with local organic honey and sweet butter, individually wrapped

       Add a 12-piece bag of our chocolate ganache truffles               $15.00
       Dark chocolate ganache scented Port wine

Special dinner available for take-out only. Not available through for delivery
Pre-order required.   Please call Cafe Presse at 206.709.7674  before 6pm on February 13 to pre-order. Your dinner will be ready for pickup at the time you choose between 5pm and 10pm on February 14th

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Special tonight at Café Presse

CP Lundi Tartine

Tonight’s Lundi Vert special at Café Presse: Tartine of grilled country bread spread with fresh goat’s cheese, topped with a sauté of portobello mushrooms, celery root, red onions and garlic, served with a salad of frisée and chives with champagne vinaigrette

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