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All the olive oils we use at Le Pichet and Café Presse are supplied by our friends at Seattle based Villa JeradaMehdi Boujrada, the brains behind Villa Jerada, imports organic olive oils from Morocco that happen to be produced by the Aquallal family, who are neighbors of Mahdi’s family there.  Sold under the Atlas Olive Oils label, these oils are preferred by some of the top chefs in France, Morocco and the U.S.  We love their Huile d’Olive Extra Verge Bio for everyday use and the very special “Les Terroires de Marrakech” Extra Virgin Olive Oil for finishing dishes.  This last oil, which is made exclusively from picholine olives, is featured in the nicoise-style Socca dish on Le Pichet’s current menu.


Summer menu 2017 begins at Café Presse

Salad of beefsteak and heirloom tomatoes, red onion, capers, parsley, roasted garlic vinaigrette and a hard cooked egg.

Salad of beefsteak and heirloom tomatoes, red onion, capers, parsley, roasted garlic vinaigrette and a hard cooked egg.

The summer menu for 2017 at Cafe Presse was rolled out today by chef de cuisine James O’Hern.  Here are some photos from the traditional all-staff tasting to get you in the summer mood!  Check out our menu full menu here.

Duck rillettes served wtih red wine poached figs, grain mustard and cornichons

Duck rillettes served wtih red wine poached figs, grain mustard and cornichons

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Tour de France 2017


The 2017 edition of the Tour de France kicks off with an individual time trial in Dusseldorf Germany on Saturday July 1 and  finishes on the Champs Elysée on Sunday July 23th.

Café Presse will be showing every stage on the big screen over the bar beginning at 7am when we open.

Check our out Weekly Event Calendar for full schedule.

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Now on the menu at Le Pichet, June 2017

Ribs 2 June 2017

Slow roasted pork ribs, salad of red oak leaf lettuce, corona beans, shaved fennel, bing cherries and roasted fennel purée

Check out the new dishes that Le Pichet chef de cuisine Dave Cooper has recently added to the menu for early summer!

Tripe june 2017

Crispy semolina fried beef tripe served on a ragout of artichokes, escarole, garlic and white wine.

heart june 2017

Smoked pork heart, thinly sliced and served on butter lettuce with sauce gribiche.


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It’s Columbia River crayfish season

Crayfish June 2017

The Columbia River crayfish season has started and we have them at Café Presse!

This freshwater delicacy is usually more closely associated with the bayous of Louisiana than with the Pacific Northwest, and the Colombia river  season is short.  But the cold waters of the Columbia yield up crayfish that are particularly sweet, firm and fresh tasting.

Today at Café Presse, we are offering them in a simple and traditional French:  poached in a court bouillon, then served cold as an appetizer with lemon-tarragon mayonnaise.

Available while the supply lasts.

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Too hot to cook?



When the thermometer is topping 90 degrees, its way to hot to cook!  Instead of turning on the oven,why not let us do the cooking?  Most of the items on our menu are available to take home including our famous roasted to your order Poulet Roti.

Give us a call and we will have your bird ready when you arrive.  Choose with frites or plain, maybe even add a salad and a nice bottle of rosé to round out your meal.

Or even better, grab a table and enjoy our air conditioning!

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First of the season cherries

Special today at Café Presse

A classic Basque combination: sheep’s milk cheese, cherries and piment d’Espelette

Special today at Café Presse:

First of the season Burlat cherries, with Brebis de Pyrenees sheep’s milk cheese and piment d’Espelette grilled baguette slices.

The Burlat cherry is an early-ripening varietal similar to a Bing.  Maybe not quite as sweet as a bing but more fruity, firm and delicious.  These organic cherries came from todays Farmer’s Market on Broadway.

In the French Basque countries, sheep’s milk cheeses are traditionally served with cherry comfiture, sometimes enlivened with the kick of the famous Basque ground chili, piment d’Espelette.

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Faisselles a la confiture

Faisselles may 2017 3

Very simple and quick dessert: faisselles with home-made red muscat grape jam.

Fromage blanc a la confiture is one of the simplest desserts there is and to my mind one on the most satisfying.   The frequency with which one finds fancied up versions of Fromage blanc a la confiture on the menu at high end restaurants throughout France testifies to this dessert’s ability to evoke memories of childhood.  Its like chocolate pudding for us…you just never grow out of it.

Consisting simply of  fromage blanc served with seasonal jam, honey, or, in a pinch, with a spoonful of white sugar, the success of this dish is clearly dependent on the quality of the cheese and of the garnish.

On a recent visit to Lait P’tits Bearnais, an organic dairy outside Orthez,  a container of faisselles caught my eye.  Faisselles, like its cousin fromage blanc, is a simple, fresh cheese made by adding  bacteriologic culture to fresh milk, waiting for the milk to curdle then draining some of the whey.  Fromage blanc is often made using a mix of whole milk and cream, resulting in a higher fat content cheese that has a smoother, richer mouth feel.  Faisselles is usually made with just whole milk, resulting in a slightly curdier cheese that has a slight acidic bite.  Why not try using faisselles a la confiture?

As there is no AOC for faisselles (or for fromage blanc for that matter), the exact method for making it varies from dairy to dairy.  At “Les Petits Bearnais”, whole milk is used.  The fresh curds are scooped into perforated cups and sold while they are still draining. One arrives home with four cute little cheeses and half a cup of whey in the bottom of the container (I save the whey and add a little to dried beans or grains when soaking them before cooking.  The extra action of the live culture makes them more digestible).

Organic faisselles from le Ferme Lait P'tit Bearnais.

Organic faisselles from le Ferme Lait P’tits Bearnais.

Fresh cheeses in their mold or 'faisselle".

Fresh cheeses in their mold or ‘faisselle”.

Having secured some good cheese, all that’s left is to select your jam.  I picked one of the last jars of red muscat grape jam from a batch I made a few years back.  Doesn’t get much simpler than that.


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Café Presse 10th Anniversary Dinner

CP LOGO BWCan you believe that Café Presse is turning 10 years old? That’s right, we opened our doors to the public for the first time on June 20th, 2007.  To celebrate the occasion, our Chef’s Dinner this quarter will feature dishes from our very first menu.

What:   5-course family-style dinner
When:  Tuesday June 20, at 6:30pm sharp
Where: The back room at Café Presse
Cost:    Dinner including beverage* $70
*your choice of paired wines or non-alcoholic beverages

For reservations, please telephone at 206.709.7674


Les hors d’œuvres
Croque monsieur bites
Falafels with sauce blanche
Steak tartare on toasted baguette with tomato chutney

Plateau de charcuterie
Artisan and house-made charcuterie including jambon de Bayonne, gâteau de foie de volaille, rillettes de porc, saucisse a l’ail, langue de veau and saucissons sec.

Salade au chèvre chaud
Local arugula and curly endive, mustard vinaigrette, warm goat cheese croutons

Poulet rôti, pommes frites
Free range natural chicken roasted to order, served with pommes frites and grilled Washington State asparagus

Gâteau de riz « grand-mère » et ses frais de notre région
“Grandmother-style” caramelized rice cake served with fresh cream and Washington State strawberries.

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We’re open on Memorial Day

Cafe Presse and Le Pichet will both be open regular hours on Memorial Day, Monday May 29, 2017.

Cafe Presse open from 7am to 2am
Le Pichet open from 8am to midnight

Stop by and see us!

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