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Cauliflower gratin

Having purchased a fat cauliflower in the market, our evening meal featured a gratin of cauliflower served with pan seared pork chops.  However, I can’t claim that this was  exactly a “market inspiration”.  Instead, the idea came from an email … Continue reading

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Fall dishes at Le Pichet

Le Pichet Chef de Cuisine Jack Spiess added four new Fall dishes to the menu at last week.  Here are photos of each:        

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Tomatoes engineered for flavor

A friend recently forwarded me this article by Kenneth Chang in the NY Times which discusses efforts by scientists at the University of Florida’s Institute for Plant Innovation to built a better tasting tomato that can still be mass marketed.  … Continue reading

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Cooking Demo today at 2pm

If you are anywhere near the Pike Place Market today, Sunday August 4, 2013, would be pleased to have you drop by the Chef Demonstration Booth today between 2 and 3pm for a cooking demonstration give jointly by myself and … Continue reading

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Tourte aux blettes – sweet green chard and apple tart

This unusual dessert can be found in pastry shops in the city of  Nice and throughout the Cote d’Azur.  Although the idea of green chard in a dessert may seem strange, its pairing with raisins and pine nuts is typical … Continue reading

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Green Chard for Dessert?

Green Chard: not just for dinner I recently set out to make a Tourte aux blettes,  a sweet tarte made with green chard, which is a specialty of the city of Nice on the French Riviera.  If you are saying … Continue reading

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Yakima aparagus with pine nuts, scallions, and chevre vinaigrette

This salad, which is a favorite at Cafe Presse, is an easy way to make use of abondant asparagus during Washington’s short but sweet season. Serves 4 as a first course

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Its Spring in the Béarn

While Seattle waits for the Spring produce, spring arrived a few weeks ago in the Béarn.  Asparagus, both white and green and as thick as my thumb mark the apex of the season.  Strawberries (strawberries!  We will be waiting  weeks … Continue reading

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Spring dishes new to the menu at Le Pichet

As more spring vegetables arrive in the market, chef de cuisine Jack Spiess has been adding new spring-inspired dishes to the menu at Le Pichet (he also took these photos…thanks Jack).  Enjoy!

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Merlin roti au four

I am once again in Orthez, with several weeks of down time to look forward to…well, as always, there are things to do in the category of “household improvements”, but that is a pretty well populated category that will extend … Continue reading

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