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Roasted fish: quick and easy supper

It is not that often that one really gets the chance to let what’s fresh in the market determine what’s for lunch. However, a Tuesday market day in Orthez, with no obligations and no plans imposing, offered just such a … Continue reading

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Sausage Making Workshop photos

Yesterday’s Sausage Making Workshop was a ton of fun with the added bonus that we all got to eat a lot of great sausages after the work was finished.  Here are a few photos of the event.  And if you … Continue reading

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October 2013 Cooking Class: French Kitchen Basics

What: “French Kitchen Basics” Cooking Class, Demonstration and Supper presented by Chef James Drohman (each session limited to 16 students). When: Three different sessions of this class will be offered: Wednesday October 16, 2013, 6:30pm to 9:30pm Sunday October 20, … Continue reading

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Cooking Demo today at 2pm

If you are anywhere near the Pike Place Market today, Sunday August 4, 2013, would be pleased to have you drop by the Chef Demonstration Booth today between 2 and 3pm for a cooking demonstration give jointly by myself and … Continue reading

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Lamb Necks Take 3 and 4

This week, I reached the end of my trove of Arizonan lamb necks, with the happy result being two more lamb neck dishes. Number One:  Hash of pulled lamb neck, caramelized onions, winter squash and curly kale, topped with poached … Continue reading

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Oeufs Mollets

Cooking a perfect soft boiled egg, known as an “Oeufs Mollet” is a tricky affair.  You want the white to be set, but the yolk to be deliciously runny.  Runny whites or hard yolks just don’t satisfy.    In the … Continue reading

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Jam Making 101

  Summer’s Gift I recently happened into 8 pounds of deliciously ripe, honey sweet Green King figs.  By “happened into” I mean that my neighbor across the hall got a whole bunch of these rare local treats from a tree … Continue reading

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Canned albacore tuna

This recipe is from Jeremy Brown, local fisherman, who was in charge of the Slow Foods Seattle Tuna Canning Class in January 2012.    At that demonstration, half pint glass jars with screw top lids were used.

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2011 Foie Gras Terrine Photos

  Making foie gras terrine is a Holiday tradition around our house.  As described in an earlier post, a good terrine of foie gras is, in France, as important to Christmas, as, well, Pere Noël.   This year during the terrine … Continue reading

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Harvesting Linden Blossoms

In the neighborhood where I live, many of the trees that line the streets are lindens.  I was not really aware of this until a day several summers ago when I was walking home from work.  It was a warm … Continue reading

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