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Getting the Visa

Of the long list of things to accomplish before we can move to France, getting approved for  a Long-Stay Visa is one of the most important.  We took the first step in that process earlier this month when we made … Continue reading

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Lending a helping hand to the Fred Hutch

Café Presse and Le Pichet were very proud to have been asked to be a part of the 2017 Premier Chef’s Dinner to support the great work they to that the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.  The gala dinner, that … Continue reading

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Autumn on the rue Saint-Antoine, Paris France

Thanks to our good friend Stanley Purdue for this great photo, taken on the terrace of the the Café des Mousquetaires, near the Bastille.  Wish that I was there.

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The Clown Bar, 11eme Paris, France

In the past, if you had heard of the Clown Bar at all, it was likely in the context of its wonderful Belle Epoque clown decor, which is so iconic that is often shows up in architecture books on cafes … Continue reading

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Marché d’Aligre / Marché Couvert Beauvau, Paris

On the borderline between the 11th and 12 arrondissements and to the east of the Bastille is a neighborhood that is referred to alternately by reference to its main thoroughfare (the Faubourg Saint-Antoine) or its metro stop (Ledru Rollin), or, … Continue reading

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Meet “la Famille”

The general knowledge in my family has always been that our Drohman ancestors came to America from the area along the border between southern Germany and northern Switzerland.  I remember as a kid always saying that our people were German.  … Continue reading

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Get ready to Better Know a Cheese

Do you love cheese?  Do you wonder how your lactose-intolerant friends find the courage to carry on day after day?  Do you consider it a good thing that handling a well aged Saint-Nectare or Reblochon makes your hands reek for … Continue reading

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A favorite Paris restaurant

I was very happy to read the recent Pete Wells article in the New York Times about Paris restaurant Arpege and its chef – owner Alain Passard.   Arpege has been the setting for some of the most memorable meals of … Continue reading

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Sauce blanche

This sauce, along with harissa paste, make up the indispensable duo of accompaniments to falafels or kebab in the Turkish sandwich stands and shops of Paris.  If you plan to serve with lamb, adding mint, lemon peel and tarragon makes … Continue reading

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