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Gratin of green chard

Late winter-early spring is a lean time at the farmer’s market (wow, hearing myself say that, it is hard to believe that it is already turning toward spring!).  The last of the fall harvest – winter squashes, pears, apples, onions, … Continue reading

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Stocking the cellar

As we settle into our new life in Orthez, top of mind was to refill our cellar.  So one of the first field trips we planned was to one of our favorite local winemakers,  Domaine les Pentes de Barène in … Continue reading

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Oysters fine de claire d’Oléron

Fat, briny oysters from Oléron, purchased direct from the producer at the Orthez Saturday market, made a quick and easy evening meal. These beauties are what they call “fines de claire” meaning that that they spent their last few weeks … Continue reading

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St. John’s, Marylebone London, England

The third restaurant (plus numerous bakeries) in the lineage of landmark London restaurant St. John, which has set the standard  for locally sourced, wonderfully simple and traditional English food since the 1990’s.  The original location in Farringdon still has one … Continue reading

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Closing down our Seattle life.

Following our dream of an extended stay in France has been a long, long road, but finally we are so close that we can feel it!  Since the sale of Le Pichet in September of 2022, my time has been … Continue reading

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Our Visas have arrived!

  What else is there to say except “Open the Champagne”!

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Perbacco, San Francisco California, USA

There is a genre of restaurant that offers a sort of communion with city life composed of the roar of a room full of happy guests, a menu of comforting dishes consistently well prepared and service that is at once … Continue reading

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Getting the Visa

Of the long list of things to accomplish before we can move to France, getting approved for  a Long-Stay Visa is one of the most important.  We took the first step in that process earlier this month when we made … Continue reading

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Buttermilk biscuits à la Café Septième

This recipe came from my friend Richmond Tracy who was head baker at legendary Seattle Café Septième, now long departed.  The original location in Belltown was a tiny hole in the wall with three south-facing tables outside, where you could … Continue reading

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Heading for a new adventure!

It has now been over 3 months since I stopped being the owner of Le Pichet, more that 8 months since we sold Café Presse.  I have to admit, as much as I loved opening and operating these two restaurants, … Continue reading

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