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Sea bass with spring vegetables

It’s a cliché that chefs find their inspiration in the market.  Fortunately, it’s a clichés that also happens to be true, as often as schedules and demands of the kitchen allow (wish it was everyday!).  If a kitchen is available, … Continue reading

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Escargot a little too local

In Orthez, I took this photo of a local snail making his way across a rain-soaked bench.  If I was a more industrious sort, I would have captured this specimen, fed him on organic veggies, and kept him in captivity … Continue reading

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Sunday dinner in Orthez

Here is a portrait of a farm raised chicken that I recently roasted for a Sunday dinner while spending time in France.   This tasty critter was raised, free range and natural, on a farm just outside of Orthez that also … Continue reading

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Petite Dejeuner in the Béarn

When arriving in Orthez, our first stop, even before our house, is always our favorite  dairy,  Ferme Lait P’tit Béarnais.  A couple miles up the road from our house, this family-run organic farm features the output of their small troupe … Continue reading

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Creme fraiche and other delights

Remember a post I wrote in January about making cauliflower gratin at the house in Orthez?  In that post, I mentioned that my inspiration for making that dish at that moment was a discussion with food writer Nancy Leson on … Continue reading

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Our neighbor’s eggs

The house next to ours in Orthez is what I would term a manor house;  that is, a grand old home in its own modestly sized park.  I am sure that the term ‘manor house’ implies something specific, but to … Continue reading

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Pigeon des Landes roti en poele et sa salade verte

A quick supper dish that really was an inspiration du marché as the French say…an inspiration from a farm stand at the Sunday market at Amou, a short drive north of Orthez in the adjacent region of Les Landes  Pigeon breast, … Continue reading

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Its Spring in the Béarn

While Seattle waits for the Spring produce, spring arrived a few weeks ago in the Béarn.  Asparagus, both white and green and as thick as my thumb mark the apex of the season.  Strawberries (strawberries!  We will be waiting  weeks … Continue reading

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Ferme Bethanoun

A Family Run farm Last week, I had a chance to visit another cheese producer in the Pyrenees of the French Basque countries (I say “another” because last Spring, I visited Ferme Kukulu which is just outside of the Basque … Continue reading

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Foie gras terrine: why not keep one around the house?

On the lookout for Foie Gras On a Tuesday in November, the display of foie gras at the market in Orthez is an impressive sight.  Not that the market at Orthez is uniquely gifted with foie gras; at this time … Continue reading

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