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Le Ramier Roux

From: The region of Tarn et Garonne, north of of Toulouse in southwest France. Made By:  Le Ferme du Ramier. Milk: Raw cow’s milk Curdling type: rennet Size/ weigh: Flat disc about 18″ in diameter and 3″ tall.  It weighs … Continue reading

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Raw Milk Comte

If you like cheese labels, or just like cheese, here is an interesting specimen…the label from a raw milk 12 month cave aged Comté.  Comté is sort of like a village designated gruyere, meaning it is one of the cheeses … Continue reading

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FDA Bans cheese aged on boards, then changes mind (?!?!)

On Tuesday the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that they would begin enforcing rules that ban all cheeses that are aged on wooden boards, a move that would effectively outlaw many American and French artisan cheeses. Then today, … Continue reading

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Chevrot and mini chevrot

From: Charente-Poitou, south of the Loire valley on  the Atlantic coast of France. Made By:  Cooperative Sevre-et-Belle Milk: Another example of a cheese made with raw milk in France but with pasteurized milk for export, as the US does not … Continue reading

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Get ready to Better Know a Cheese

Do you love cheese?  Do you wonder how your lactose-intolerant friends find the courage to carry on day after day?  Do you consider it a good thing that handling a well aged Saint-Nectare or Reblochon makes your hands reek for … Continue reading

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Gateau au fromage blanc de chevre

This recipe was developed at Le Pichet when we were doing trials to perfect a recipe for Tourteau Poitevin,  a sweet cake made with fresh goat’s milk cheese that is a specialty of the region of Poitou.   Trials eventually … Continue reading

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Dried plums poached in spiced red wine

Recently, I noticed an article written by Martha Rose Shuleman in the food section of the  New York Times that struck a chord.  It was about prunes poached in red wine, a classic French bistro dessert, but also one that … Continue reading

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April 2014 Corner Table Dinner

What: Family-style dinner at Café Presse When: Tuesday April 29, 2014, 6:30pm Where: The back room at Cafe Presse The menu for the April 2014 Corner Table has been set and will feature new dishes from our Spring 2014 menu!  … Continue reading

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Cafe Presse Winter 2014 Photos

Here are some photos from the new menu at Cafe Presse that started last week…Enjoy!

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Sheep cheese and cherry jam

Orthez, France  January 10, 2014 Another case where a traditional combination proves to be right on the money:  Sheep’s milk cheese from the Pyrenees served with confiture made from the local sour black cherries. It’s a combination that one sees … Continue reading

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