New to the menu at Le Pichet

LP June 2018 sardine

Terrine de sardines et de betteraves et sa crème fraiche à l’aneth
Sardine-roasted beet terrine, served with lemon-dill crème fraiche and grilled country bread

LP June 2018 bulgar

Salade de boulgour aux herbes et à la roquette,crevettes confites à l’huile
Olive oil poached wild Gulf shrimp served on a salad of bulger, soft herbs, arugula, red onions, and marinated sweet peppers

LP june 2018 pork

Escalope de porc panée à l’alsacienne, salade aux radis et aux herbes
Pork loin escalope, egg and flour dipped then pan fried, Alsatian-style Yukon Gold potato salad, grilled lemon, radish-herb salad

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Now on the menu at Le Pichet

LP june 2018 chicken

Poulet rôti à votre commande et cèleri en trois façons
Washington natural free-range chicken roasted to order, with oil poached celery root, sautéed celery, celery tops and nettle-pistachio pistou

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Join us at FareStart

Dave poster

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June Quarterly Dinner photos

June 2018 QD pastis

Pastis Landais: rich brioche cake flavored with rum, orange and vanilla

Last Wednesday June 6th, for our June Quarterly Dinner at Café Presse we celebrated the cuisine of the region of the Béarn. If you didn’t have the chance to attend, here are a few photos of the dishes served. Note we in the kitchen got a little too busy to photograph every course.  But you can check out the entire menu from an earlier post.

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Leeks vinaigrette:  cold poached leeks served with Penn Cove clams marinated with thyme and green garlic, shellfish vinagrette and butter fried croutons

Leeks vinaigrette: cold poached leeks served with Penn Cove clams marinated with thyme and green garlic, shellfish vinagrette and butter fried croutons

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Poule au pot trial

chic trial 8

In preparation for the upcoming June Chef’s Dinner at Cafe Presse, I recently put together  a Poule au Pot trial run using a chicken from Hungry Hollow Farms.

Here are some photos of the process:

chic trial 1

Here is the chicken as received from Hungry Hollow Farms and delivered by owner/farmer Grant Jones.  GMO free, pasture raised and left free to hunt lots of bugs and worms, these birds develop a different body shape than intensively farmed chickens:  the breast is smaller, the legs larger and firmer and overall there is less fat.  The smell and flavor of the flesh is much earthier, slightly gamey, just plain more chicken-y. They remind me quite a lot of poulet fermier that we buy at the weekly farmer’s market in Orthez. Continue reading

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We’re open on Memorial Day!

Café Presse and Le Pichet will both be open regular hours on Memorial day, Monday May 28, 2018.

Café Presse open 7am to 2am

Le Pichet open 8am to midnight

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Vote for us!

Seattle magazine

Café Presse and Le Pichet have both been nominated for awards in the Seattle Magazine Best Restaurants Readers Poll 2018.  Both are nominated in the Best French Restaurant  category and Café Presse is also nominated for Best Late-Night Dining. If you agree, Vote Early and Vote Often using the link above!


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winkles 2

Fresh, live periwinkles ready to be cooked

Getting ready for tomorrow’s Quarterly Chef’s Dinner at Café Presse includes preparing periwinnkes.  Know as bigorneaux in France, small sea snails are poached then picked straight from the shell using a pin and dunked in mayonnaise.  Accompanied by a glass of pastis, preferable facing the Mediterranean.  Ah, another time perhaps.

These beauties were beach gathered (they are a nuisance species to the mussel and oyster industries, so we can feel good about eating as many as we can!) so we took the extra step of soaking over night in sea water to get all the sand out.  Next they are poached in salted water with parsley, bay and black pepper.

Finished cooking. still in their steaming broth

Finished cooking. still in their steaming broth

If you would like to give them a try, there are still a few places left for tomorrow’s dinner.  Give us a call at 206.709.7674

Quarterly Chef’s Dinner at Café Presse featuring the food of Normandy
Tuesday March 20, 2018, 6:30pm.

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Teurgoule trial

Teurgoule test

This morning I made a trial run of cooking teurgoule normande, the dessert to be served as part of a menu of specialties from the region of Normandy at our Quarterly Chefs Dinner Tuesday March 20, 2018 at Café Presse. 

Teurgoule is a traditional, grandmotherly dish made with raw whole milk, short grain rice, sugar and cinnamon, baked in a heavy earthenware dish for 4-6 hours in a low oven.  Although not very photogenic, this was more than compensated by the wonderful aroma that filled our apartment all morning while the teurgoule slowly cooked.  It smelled exactly as if I were baking snickerdoodles!

Although I had heard of teurgoule and am aware of its iconic place among sweet dishes from Normandy, this is the first time I have cooked it.  Yum!

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New to the menu at Le Pichet

Pork roulee Feb 2018

Rolled pork belly, oven roasted, served with a sauté of Corona beans, leeks and dandelion greens, and a creamy apple purée.

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