New Menu Day at Cafe Presse

CP NM Mar 2013 fish

The new Spring menu at Cafe Presse features steamed Dover sole served with brown rice, sauteed green beans and a brown butter sauce with lemon, candied lemon peel and hazelnuts.

The 2013 Spring menu starts today at Cafe Presse…. as usual, the day kicked of for the staff with a menu tasting at quarter to nine in the morning.  You can check out the new menu for yourself by coming by or by clicking here.

Here are some photos of the new Spring dishes:

CP NM Mar 2013 trout  butter

House smoked trout butter served with radishes, lemon and grilled country bread.

CP NM Mar 2013 endive bleu

Salad of Belgian endive, walnuts and cow’s milk blue cheese with a mustard vinaigrette


CP NM Mar 2013 couscous

This is the salad served with the cold roasted half Washington natural chicken: Citrus couscous, candied rhubarb, spring onions and mint with a rhubarb vinaigrette.

CP NM Mar 2013 sardine salad

Grilled Spanish sardines on a warm salad of white beans, almonds and wilted arugula tossed with a spring herb pistou.

CP NM Mar 2013 asparagus

Cold Yakima asparagus with scallions, pine nuts and goat cheese vinaigrette.

CP NM Mar 2013 poelon

Poelon breton…two eggs broiled in a skillet with wild caught gulf prawns, bay scallops, leeks and lobster cream.


CP NM Mar 2013 quial

Pan roasted quail served on a warm salad of curly endive and dandelion greens and green lentils tossed with a warm shallot-bacon vinaigrette.


CP NM Mar 2013 pork chop

House smoked Carlton natural pork chop, grilled and served on radishes, peas, fingerling potatoes and watercress simmered in taleggio cream sauce.

CP NM Mar 2013 steak

Pan roasted NW Grassfed petit New York steak served with a roasted red pepper-spinach coulis and pommes frites.


CP NM Mar 2013 cake

Warm rhubarb-vanilla cake served with walnut creme anglais.

CP NM Mar 2013 choc tart

Orange scented chocolate ganache tart served with whipped cream.

CP NM Mar 2013 lemon mousse

Frozen lemon mousse with candies lemon peel, lemon syrop and whipped cream.

CP NM Mar 2013 group

All the new dishes at the staff tasting.








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